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The Other Man the Other Woman: Understanding and Coping With Extramarital Affairs

Disclosing Secrets: When, to Whom, and How Much to Reveal

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affairs and the other woman


Affairs and the Other Woman/Man

What if One's Spouse Can't Reveal all the Details of an Affair?

I feel there is a big need to know the entire truth. If your spouse wants to know everything get the whole truth over with as soon as possible. Think of the situation like a wound are you not better off to get all of the poison out from the start? Why would you want to have it opened time and time again and go through all the pain every time? What if later on you discover or uncover some unknown facts? Would it not be like starting the inquiry all over again? Continued lying scrapes the wound over and over again. Ask your partner what you really want to know immediately.

There are many reasons your partner doesn't want to hurt you by telling you the complete truth such as fear, legal issues, and hurting you. If he was in "denial" that is different. In most circumstances the unfaithful partner must disclose if healing is to occur. There is an important need to know when the partner is at risk of acquiring or has been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease.

With or without restitution of the marriage, you must come to terms with truth; the truth of the substance of your marriage. Without truth, there is no moving forward. Sure truth can be painful as well as truth can be liberating. Healing requires rigorous honesty. It certainly does show the lines of communication are open which is always so important.. Have patience and give it time. It takes time to recover and rebuild. I can't tell you what your timing will be - everyones is different. Healing is not like instant coffee and may even take years. Reestablishing trust is a long and hard process. No one "forces" anyone to be unfaithful. Infidelity is a decision, even if doesn't feel that way.

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