How to Stop Internet Infidelity Ebook

How to Stop Internet Infidelity


How to Stop Internet Infidelity
the sooner the better, as seen in Oprah Magazine Cheaters Beware! True Stories of Betrayal and Cybersleuthing - features my Internet infidelity support group -- a group of dedicated inspiring people who are working on their marriages.

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I'm not going to lead you on with a big sales pitch on buying my ebook as I am not that type of person. I am straight to the point and candid.

My purpose is to reveal to you everything about internet infidelity and to show you proven methods that work to stop this behaviour. Get this ebook if you are you concerned about what may hinder and what might promote your level of intimacy with your spouse or partner.

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Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: The Moment of Discovery

Chapter Three: Discovery on the Internet

Chapter Four: Were the Traces of Internet Infidelity There?

Chapter Five: The Shock of Discovery

Chapter Six: What Went Wrong?

Chapter Seven: What You Should Do Upon Discovery

Chapter Eight: Security

Chapter Nine: How To Get Them Off The Internet

Chapter Ten: Marital Advice

Chapter Eleven: AskMaple's Opinion

Chapter Twelve: Steps To Remember


"I did download and read the ebook you recommended. It's a sad story, though I'm glad to hear that Jane is doing all right. The writing style is vivid, making it all too real."
David,internet infidelity support group

"I just bought AskMaple's inspiring e-book and it's great. I felt better after reading it. I really liked how she lets you know at the end how things work out for the woman who was betrayed. I also learned how quickly someone can get involved with someone on the internet. Even my teen found my husband's emails. to this other person. He just told me to get over it. Its not that simple. I did find AskMaple's book very helpful and its gives you hope. Take care everyone." Mauriska, internet infidelity support group

"This ebook has gave me a broader understanding of the ramifications of internet infidelity. My husband said don't take it serious. Thank you so much." Wendy.

"I know now what I have to do to prevent this affair. I have to have hope this will work". Lily.

"its really a scary thought to me and my marriage that internet infidelity was so out of control. I could have lost it all. I can't get over the cybersex and threw out the cam". Krystal.

"My husband joined dating sites as if he was single. I'm pregnant. He denied and denied. I seen his profile and asked him for a picture. He sent me a nude photo of himself under my phony email I set up. My marriage will never been the same since this betrayal."

"We are a open-minded couple but her infidelity has scarred our relationship." Shane.

"The ploy of the internet sounds exactly what went on in our house. I am glad I caught my spouse and now he is is assuming responsibility for all the pain he caused our family." Linda.

The Key to

"How to Stop Internet Infidelity"


how to stop internet infidelity ebook

How to Stop Internet Infidelity

How To Stop Internet Infidelity


One Woman's True Heartbreaking Struggle with Internet Infidelity
Internet Infidelity also known as The Relationship Breaker

internet infidelity As told to AskMaple, Infidelity Survivor and Advisor

In over 10 years of helping others with Internet Infidelity I have the facts as to exactly what is occurring and measures you can take during this crisis to stop this from destroying your relationship or marriage.

How Internet Infidelity Can Change Your Life

1. Do you know why someone would allow an outsider into their relationship?

This e-book is for people who are in a committed relationship or married facing or faced with Internet Infidelity.

By the time you've reached this web site, internet infidelity has advanced from cyberspace to inside your home. I know you are questioning this intrusion.

2. What can you do? You must take control of your situation.

Internet infidelity isn't about innocent games or what you have been led to believe by your spouse. The not-so-innocent seekers like the net because it is safe, anonymous and its very thrilling. You know this too so don't let this intrusion slip by. Why do you think you are feeling so betrayed? You know in your heart I am right. Even still spouses are in denial "its not an affair" or the cheater is thinking its "safe sex" its the cyber-world not the real world, no not physical perhaps emotional but the effects on the unknowing spouse are the same as cheating. Don't let them rationalize this behaviour to you. Don't let them blame you. You are in their life and a witness to the behavioral changes because of the internet's impact on their life, but it doesn't make you responsible. They would struggle with their addiction no matter whom they married or who they are with. Its not about you.

Internet infidelity is a very addicting behavior that can destroy your marriage quickly. The internet is used 65% of the time in the average household. Do you want this reminder every time your spouse is on the net?

3. Will they exit with the new person? Yes. They will exit even if they live in another country.

Get the best advice on how to tackle this very threat and stop internet infidelity immediately.

This e-book contains absolutely everything you need to know about Internet Infidelity:

  • Proven methods to stop -- to keep your spouse off the internet.

  • Internet Infidelity Prevention
  • Marital Advice to keep your relationship strong

Do you know why someone would allow an outsider into their relationship?
Lets stop now. Every minute you waste allows the perpetrator in.
When you read this Ebook you will have the answers and a better understanding as to exactly what is occurring.
Don't lay awake every night while your spouse is on the internet chatting with the opposite sex.

Timing is critical.

This is serious. Read why I state you must act fast. Knowing what to do is the KEY. Did you know most people let an affair go on for over 6 months before they take action? Are you going to be another statistic? There is hope with action.

Read an excerpt from "How to Stop Internet Infidelity Ebook", sad but true story.

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how to stop internet infidelity

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how to stop internet infidelity